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Das kleine Festival für jiddische Kultur in Meran – il piccolo festival della cultura Yiddish a Merano


Meran hat eine faszinierende yiddische Geschichte. Wer sie wiederentdeckt, wird auch die „Klezmermusik“ kennenlernen und viele wunderschöne Lieder in yiddischer Sprache, bisher verlorene Schätze einer untergegangenen Welt: „Klezmer“ ist mehr als nur ein Stil, es ist eine Erinnerung, eine Sprache, eine Geschichte, ein ritueller Tanz voller Leben, eine Kultur.

Merano ha un’affascinante storia del mondo yiddish. Chi lo scopre conoscerà anche la musica klezmer e tante meravigliose canzoni yiddish, tesori precedentemente perduti di un mondo perduto: „Klezmer“ è più di uno stile, è un ricordo, un linguaggio, una storia, uno stato, una cultura, una danza di vita.

Meran has a fascinating Yiddish history. Those who rediscover it will also get to know „Klezmer music“ and many beautiful songs in Yiddish, hitherto lost treasures of a lost world: „Klezmer“ is more than just a style, it is a memory, a language, a story, a ritual dance of life, a culture.

Miriam Camerini, Milano theater director and Hebraist, has already made many wonderful productions on the subject of „Hebrew life“. „Shabat per tutti“, 2017 in the Teatro Cristallo in Bozen or „Die Megille“, 2019 for „Yiddish Summer Weimar“ will certainly be remembered. In 2023 Miriam will stage and act in „Messiah and Revolution“ for Meran. Miriam was born in Jerusalem, and there she continues her studies in judaism.Angelo Baselli, Bologna, is a clarinetist and dedicated teacher for children and adults at the Ricordi Music School in Bologna, among others. Angelo is also a composer and bandleader of the Cidnewski Klezmer-Kapelye. He studied at the Conservatorio „G.Verdi“ di Milano and the Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana. Angelo learned Klezmer from Prof. Joel Rubin and others, impregnated by the “Yiddish Summer Weimar”.Mark Kovnatskiy is a widely acclaimed violinist, composer, lecturer and expert of Yiddish dances. He has performed and taught at many music festivals around the world, from USA and Canada to Japan. Mark worked with wellknown Orchestras such as the Weimar Staatskapelle and others. He took part in over 10 recordings, newest is „The Young Kadyas“, Germany 2022 film music that starts in cinema on September 8th all over Germany.Esther Wratschko is a singer, musician and choir director in Vienna. In her music projects, her focus is on Yiddish music. She was Artist in Residence at the largest Yiddish festivals worldwide (Yiddish New York, Klezkanada) and is a teacher at Yiddish Summer Weimar. She performs at home and abroad with the Wratschko / Weinhandl Duo, Telepunkies and Soveles. Her first album with Soveles will sound Yiddish-feminist.Frijeda Haupt, vocals and presenter, Munich, is a musicologist and also radio presenter, ARD, BRKlassik and Bayern2 among others. In her songs she tells of the people of the Eastern Jewish Shtetl and recalls the common history that we have in Meran. She is artistic director of the „MeranoKlezmer“ festival, choir director, and impregnated with the „Yiddish Summer Weimar“. She is trained as a singer-actress and music teacher.


MERANOKLEZMER 21 mit Sara Gutvill, Canto-Gesang, Helga Plankensteiner, Clarinet-Klarinette, Frijeda Haupt, Canto-Gesang, Konzeption e Moderation, Aleksei Rozov, Violino, Pianoforte, Andrea Ruocco, Contrabasso, Michael Lösch, Pianoforte. Accademia di Merano

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